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Man of the Match
valencia - ever - is excited
izzy505 wrote in ever_24
Ever played another fantastic game last Saturday against Valladolid. He scored the opening goal (his second of the season) and he also assisted Villa for his goal. This definitely deserves a picspam with gifs of the goal included.

Damn Ever, damn. That's one sweet goal right there.

Let's see that again

Yep, still awesome.

Now let's celebrate

Aww, Mata is so cute. XD

In conclusion

They see me rollin' they hatin'

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OMG. Wow.

First, the top pic blew me away. I'm not sure I've ever seen a pic of Ever from the back! It's very pretty.♥

Next, your anis are amazing. That goal is something else...a real thing of beauty!

That last one with Ever on the Zamboni or whatever they call them there, is so adorable it made me swoon from squeee!♥

And the other pics are great too.

I can totally understand why Ever was called up. Not only is he turning into a great playmaker, but he can score too, as he's proved on several occasions now. Yep, Ever is one more amazing Argentine!

Thanks for the wonderful post!


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